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My Youth Entrepreneurship Development Internship in Haiti


Last summer I worked with Patrick’s Kids Foundation (PKF) as a project manager and program developer for the PKF Youth Entrepreneurship Development Internship Program. I had the opportunity to work remotely on many projects and help manage the foundation’s social media platforms/ digital footprint. Additionally, I helped to structure the PKF Summer Internship for PKF students in Haiti. The program focused on youth entrepreneurship development in Haiti and project management. By utilizing my resources, notes, and understanding of an entrepreneurship course I curated an Entrepreneurship-focused 6 weeks long learning program for a group of 9 scholars. Each week encompassed reading, lectures, and task that needed to be completed. The students had deep conversations, generated critical questions, and sharpened their team building skills. At the end of the internship the scholars participated in a pitch competition.

Exponential Learning Curve and Meaningful Projects

Each day I learned something new and I was able to utilize the skill sets that I have developed at Agnes Scott such as project management, problem solving, and leadership to meaningfully impact the lives of deserving children and young adults in Haiti. It has been extremely rewarding to apply what I have learned in the classroom at Agnes to help solve some of the pressing issues in Haiti. During my internship I have come to realized that there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into preparing, coordinating and managing educational efforts. A dedicated staff and set of volunteers are required to assist the foundation in accomplishing its goals and mission.

The internship was meaningful and my contribution to the organization was instrumental in helping to plan, develop, and coordinate, programs and activities for the PKF scholars. As a PKF intern, I had the opportunity to obtain an in-depth understanding of the high thought level concepts, strategies, and principles that drives the foundation. It was truly a privilege to work together with consultants, vendors, and the PKF team in Haiti to increase the impact, and to help the foundation achieve its mission of closing the education gap between Haiti and developed nations.

Project Light Up the Classroom

After working this summer as an intern with PKF through the Agnes Scott Advantage Award program, it became evident that there needs to be a significant amount of attention dedicated to capitalizing on technology's potential to help transform the education system in Haiti. Computers and technology are a driving force and a force multiplier that can help elevate students’ imagination and confidence to reach for more. I was so inspired by the work being done by the PKF foundation, I have committed myself to work alongside the foundation to help children receive a quality education and promote youth entrepreneurship development in Haiti. To that end, I have approached the PKF leadership team to collaborate with the foundation to execute Project Light Up the Classroom that I intend to submit for the Davis Projects for Peace to help bring a solar powered computer lab to PKF’s partner school Assemblée de Dieu (EAD). I am extremely excited at the prospect of implementing this project. The Project Light Up the Classroom would eventually allow PKF to accelerate its use of technology to supplement the brick and mortar education in Fond-des-Blancs.

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