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High Fives


The very heartbeat of PKF is a group of dedicated stakeholders who volunteer their time and talents to advance our efforts to help close the education gap between Haiti and developed nations. PKF does not belong to the few, but to all who share her ideals and principles!

People just like you enable us to do everything we do.


Your generosity can change a child's life.

pkf one time donate

Make a Donation

Your contribution will help ensure that more scholars have the resources needed to achieve their educational goals.

pkf scholars sponsorship

Scholars Sponsorship

Your contribution will deliver hope and much needed financial support to PKF scholars.

pkf pkf ways to help(matching gifts)

Workplace Giving and Matching Gifts

Many employers offer matching gift programs that double or even triple the impact of charitable contributions made by employees and their spouses.

pkf ways to help(product donations)

Product Donations

Collaborate with PKF by providing the supplies we need to optimize our impact in Haiti

pkf ways to help(Amazon wishlist)

Easy Way to Give Back

We're making donations to PKF even easier! Take a look at our Amazon Wishlist.

pkf tributes gifts(honor someone special)

Honor Someone Special

There are limitless opportunities to make a tribute gift. Make your mark on the world - or honor a friend or loved one - by supporting the education and mentorship of a talented and driven scholar. 




Volunteers work in a variety of ways to contribute to our cause. They are involved in important work to create positive change for children everywhere.


Participate in Events

There are a number of organized events to support children and young adults in Haiti.

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