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Scholar Testimonials

Get to know previous scholars and the impact PKF's program had on their future.

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Riodin, Age 25

Currently attending the Mission Bon Samaritain International School of Nursing in Port-au-Prince.

“I loved the entrepreneurship training/internship program because of the hands-on experience of working with others to create solutions. Insights I gained from participating and leading my team will forever change the way I interact with others when working in group” – Riodin (23), who dreams of becoming a Lab Technician and one day use his education to make a difference to his community.

“I will be starting my undergraduate degree medical laboratory in the fall of 2020. I am certain that my studies will instill within me the skills and knowledge I need to pursue a career as a Lab Technician” – Riodin (23), who has completed his internship and obtained a scholarship from PKF. Having not been able to attend post-secondary education due to financial issues for over 3 years after completing Secondary schooling, Riodin is very excited to have come across PKF. 

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Zidor, Age 20

Currently attending the Université Publique du Sud au Cayes (Public University of South Cayes).

“I was always among the best in my class  (at  each  level)  but because of economic difficulties,  I have considered quitting school. Mr.  Wilner  Bernadel,  noticed  my  ability and my  willingness to learn in school nominated me for the PKF scholarships that I  was fortunate to received. Something about PKF that can’t be found anywhere else in my community is that they provide a nurturing and friendly mentorship environment.” – Zidor (20), who received a PKF scholarship for his secondary schooling.


“Our learning was through videos and reading assignments on business and communication related concepts for entrepreneurship development. The most impactful learnings are from the challenges we faced in conducting research for our team business idea, working on it and presenting it to a group of community Leaders” – Zidor (20), who was very happy to have been selected for the PKF Entrepreneurship training/Internship program for the second consecutive year. 

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Wilkins, Age 20

Currently attending the Université Publique du Sud au Cayes (Public University of South Cayes).

“I truly enjoyed the internship program. We used the lessons learned from the training videos to develop our business, marketing approach and tactics to present our business idea to investors.” – Wilkins Lafrance (20), who has participated in a number of PKF events benefits throughout the year before starting the PKF internship. Communication, exposure to the Local professionals and team spirit were the best things about this internship for Wilkins.

“I will never forget that memorable day of last summer that PKF organized in Fond-des-Blancs. It was during that time that I made my first attempt to become part of PKF by approaching Mr. Frantz, a member of the PKF team. Even though I was qualified for a scholarship I was not able to join PKF because I was over 16 years old. However, Mr. Frantz promised to work on my behalf and at the end of the year, Mr. Fritz contacted me and informed me that PKF was working on launching a new program to help promising student like me with their postsecondary education called PKF UPP program.” – Wilkins (20), who is very happy to have come across PKF.

Ishmael, Age 20

Currently attending the Université Episcopale d’Haïti (UNEPH).

“During this internship we did a lot of activities, especially centered on concepts of business – Strategy, Research and communication. One prominent learning for me is the importance, benefits and tactics of team work and team management.” – Ishmael (20), a fellow of the Entrepreneurship training/Internship program. 

“The PKF Scholarship helped me a lot, not just academically but on how to conduct myself professionally and also technical training. The members at PKF were very welcoming, friendly and respectful, hence providing a very good learning environment”

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