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HP/PKF & HEI Joint 2022 Summer Internship Program


Program Overview

We have targeted 5 key concepts we would like to help the interns develop during the program: strategic thinking, the importance of technology in economic development, general leadership, entrepreneurship, teamwork, and general project management. We endeavored to match the assignments for each week with closely aligned Haiti Projects (HP) and Health Equity International (HEI) initiatives.  

The Vision

The 2022 PKF Internship Program will have two key objectives.  First, provide the interns with invaluable work experience with two leading and premier international development organizations. Second, develop the intern’s leadership skills by incorporating their Leadership & Community Service Development Project—Garder Fond-Des-Blancs Belle into the internship program.  Additionally, the interns will work with the staff of PKF’s Summer Education Enrichment Program (EEP) to provide supplemental education to students who need additional academic support to thrive and excel.

The partnership amongst PKF, Haiti Projects (HP), and Health Equity International (HEI) for the 2022 PKF Internship Program provides a sublime opportunity to help the next generation of leaders in Haiti develop their leadership skills and empower them to become change agents in their community. Particularly, as part of their Leadership & Community Service Development curriculum, the PKF Scholars decided to tackle waste management and recycling in their community. To date, the PKF Scholars have procured two trash bins to place in the street that they have adopted to keep clean, the students meet monthly to clean the street they adopted, and the student leadership committee meets monthly to discuss strategies to improve their community service project.  In 2019, as part of the PKF Internship Program, the interns were tasked to think strategically about how to implement a recycling component to their community service project.  The tasks have been very productive. As a result, the Plastic Bank (, an international organization that uses recyclable plastic as currency to help alleviate abject poverty in developing countries, has agreed to work with our PKF Scholars to help develop the recycling component of their community service and leadership development project. 

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