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The start of the new school year is always cause for excitement! Even though the ongoing unrest has marred the start of a new school year, we are still thankful the community of Fond-des-Blancs has been calm and school has opened. Despite the challenges over the past few years, children attending our partnering schools feel fortunate to be able to attend school with the support of generous people like you!

School Partnership Program

Patrick’s Kids Foundation sponsors the Ecole Assemble de Dieu (“EADD”) located in Franchipagne, Haiti.

PKF’s Scholars at Christophe Colomb School

We are looking to eliminate any and all barriers that may hinder scholars from learning.

PKF’s Scholars at L'exode School Of Fond-Des-Blancs

PKF supporters play an instrumental role in the success of scholars. With your help, we can eliminate barriers that may hinder scholars from learning. All of our efforts are geared towards ensuring that students are equipped with all of the things they need to succeed.

PKF’s Scholars at School Mixed Saint-André De Fond-Des-Blancs

As we embark on a new school year, Patrick’s Kids Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that its 60 scholars and partner schools have the resources they need to return to the classroom. There are many ways you can support our scholars. Students are in need of school supplies, school lunches, and transportation to school. When students are given the proper and full assistance they can focus on their school work instead of stressing over what is lacking.

PKF’s Scholars at St. Francois Xavier School

We are committed to supporting our partnering schools and students all year long—and we’d love if you could join us in helping create equitable learning environments that greatly benefit all students.


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