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Product Donations


PKF sponsors the Ecole Assemble de Dieu (“EADD”), a school located in Franchipagne, Haiti. PKF has strategically decided to partner with EADD because of EADD’s unique position as one of the few schools that provides a formal education to one of the most rural regions in the southern part of Haiti. PKF will provide the school’s 150 students with school supplies and material for the 2018-2019 academic year. Moreover, we hope to provide EADD with as much support as possible to help service the educational needs of students in one of the most rural areas in Haiti, who otherwise would not have access to an education.

Below is a list of supplies the scholars can always use, a supply drive can be coordinated and we will work with you to get those supplies to us.  Please contact us directly to coordinate those efforts.

School Supplies:

Pens & pencils


Pencil sharpeners

Rulers & geometry kits 

Large size pencil holders

Pencil boxes/cases

Technology items:

Laptops / iPads

Scientific calculators

Unused flash drives


Clothes & Shoes:

Underwear (S,M) for boys and girls

Socks for boys and girls

Tank top white tee shirts for boys (S,M)

Uniforms and shoes ($60 provides two uniforms and a pair of shoes for a child)




Solar lights for use by children when studying.  Many children have to study using hazardous kerosene lanterns. Cost about $40 to $50. (You can order a  d.light S250 or S300 Solar LED Lantern)

Please contact for more information on how you may donate products to PKF.

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