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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Education is the key to eliminating gender inequality, to reducing poverty, to creating a sustainable planet, to preventing needless deaths and illness, and to fostering peace.” - Nelson Mandela

Madiba’s profound words resonate in all that we do as an organization. Education has always been and will always be the key to a better world.

Patrick’s Kids Foundation was founded in 2016 in memoriam of Patrick Jacques (Pat). Pat lived a life that was anchored in empowering family members, friends and acquaintances to achieve their full potential.  Patrick’s Kids Foundation leverages technology and partnerships in the community to help talented Haitian children and young adults obtain a world class education and become catalysts of change in Haiti. We believe that improving the quality of education, and increasing access to education in Haiti can help spur sustainable and inclusive social as well as economic development in Haiti.

Educational Scholarships for Haitian Future Leaders

Patrick’s Kid’s Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Haiti one child at a time. We are dedicated to ensuring that the next generation of leaders in Haiti have access to a quality education through educational scholarships. We are working towards eliminating the barriers that prevent children and young adults from obtaining a quality education. The things that we take for granted, unfortunately are obstacles, countless, eager students face on a regular basis:  a lack of basic necessities, malnutrition, no electricity, limited access to technology, limited funds for tuition, uniforms, school supplies, and the list goes on. According to a recent report, the average income in Haiti is $450.00 per year, accordingly, many families are not able to pay to send their children to school. Additionally, the quality of education in Haiti is amongst the worst in the international community. We are dedicated to help close the educational gap between Haiti and developed nations.

We invest in the holistic development of our students. Along with paying for the entire educational cost of our students pre-collegiate level through educational scholarships, our program includes: a tech series, a mentorship program, a wellness and hygiene program, a leadership and community service program, and an internship program. As we embark on this journey, we want to keep people involved, informed, and inspired by the work we are doing in Haiti. This blog will be used as a platform to share our purpose, mission, latest developments and our call to action with others. Please join us in our endeavor.

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