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My Reflections On The First Year Of Attending College

By Riodin Maquingson

“With my education, I can help other children get the best education possible.” -PKF UPP Scholar Riodin Maquingson

I did not know what to expect from my freshman year. They say that college is a time of self-discovery, full of trials, prosperity and lasting memories. My first year of college has brought about such wonderful, positive experiences that will forever change me. It has been said that higher education plays a specific role in society and attendance thereof ensures the stability of success. My attendance at the Good Samaritan University has been both rewarding and fulfilling. Prior to college, I first thought that mere attendance was success, rather than the preparation for success. I have come to realize that attendance at any university is so much more than that. It is serious hard work that requires a tremendous amount of motivation and determination. My very first day at Good Samaritan was fantastic; I had the opportunity to meet so many students who share the same vision and ambition as I have. The vision is one of chasing the dream of success through the obtainment of a Diploma.

PKF College Scholarship Opportunity for Haitian Students

Prior to this wonderful opportunity to attend college, I was so far removed from my dream of being successful in life. Unfortunately, for the last two years, financial constraints were an insurmountable obstacle to attending college. I was inactive after I graduated from high school due to lack of financial means to attend college. Despite the bleak conditions, I had quite a few ambitions in my life and I remained very optimistic during the two years, knowing that God had a plan for my life and he would see me through those difficult time of my life. I came across this opportunity after meeting some of the co-founders of Patrick's Kids Foundation during the orientation weekend that the organization had for its scholars. I wrote a letter to the organization requesting to be a participant of the program. Additionally, I offered to volunteer my time to assist with the existing scholars that were struggling academically. On December 28, 2019, I was selected and awarded a Patrick's Kids Foundation UPP (University Preparatory Program) Scholarship. A college scholarship program that provide an on ramp for motivated, talented, and service-oriented young adults that shows commitment to making a significant impact in their communities that are pursuing professional development. I am extremely grateful to PKF for affording me the opportunity to pursue my educational goals. It is inspiring and motivating to know that the founders of PKF have faith in me and are willing to invest in my future success. The UPP Scholarship has truly changed my life in so many ways. I now have an ingrained passion to become an agent for change in my community.

Giving Back to My Community

PKF has instilled in me a passionate determination to become an agent of change within my community. Once I acquire my degree, I will serve as a role model, helping others to receive the best education and to find their own level of success. I truly appreciate and congratulate the entire PKF family on its commitment to motivate and improve the lives of the next generation. I look forward to building a lasting relationship with this most impressive organization.

About Patrick’s Kids Foundation

Patrick’s Kids Foundation was founded in 2017 in memoriam of Patrick (Pat) Jacques. Pat lived a life that was anchored in empowering family members, friends and acquaintances to achieve their full potential. Patrick’s Kids Foundation leverages technology and partnerships in the community to help talented Haitian children and young adults obtain a quality education, college scholarships, and become catalysts of change in Haiti. We believe that improving the quality of education, and increasing access to education in Haiti can have a catalytic effect, and help spur sustainable and inclusive social and economic development in Haiti.


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