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Spotlighting Patrick's Kids Foundation’s Senior Copy Editor, Linda J. Elmore

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

When asked about her work with the Patrick's Kids Foundation, Linda Elmore gleefully responds, “It is indeed a pleasure and honor to work with PKF in the capacity of senior copy editor. I have been with the non-profit organization since its inception in 2017. It has truly been a remarkable experience to witness the continuous growth and resilience of PKF.

“The Foundation’s noble mission to provide the youth of Haiti with necessary skills, with mentorship and entrepreneurship, while providing crucial scholarships to families that otherwise could not afford the most basic of supplies or the required school uniforms for their offspring. PKF willingly provides these necessities, all in the hopes of having their ‘Scholars’ reach their full potential, to make a noted difference in their nation’s economy and ultimately the world.

“As the Haitian proverb goes, ‘Men anpil chay pa lou ~ Many hands lighten the load.’ Whatever your talent, whatever your skill, or whatever your expertise, please, please, please volunteer your services to this worthy cause. Individually and collectively, we can truly make a difference in the life of a child, as we endeavor to shape the future of Haiti.”


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