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Empowering Young Minds through Collaboration

Last week marked an exciting milestone for the young scholars of Patrick's Kids Foundation (PKF) as they embarked on a six-week-long transformative journey through the 2023 PKF Summer Internship Program. This year's internship program is not only a testament to the dedication and commitment of these scholars but also a testament to the power of collaboration. In a unique partnership, PKF has joined forces with Haiti Projects and two local Fond-des-Blancs organizations, Greening Haiti Fund and ADF Haiti Association pour le Développement de Fond-des-Blancs, to provide an unparalleled opportunity for these scholars to immerse themselves in real-world work experiences, gaining insights into various organizational structures and cultures.

The Power of Collaboration

Collaboration lies at the heart of innovation and growth. PKF's partnership with Haiti Projects and the local organizations is a shining example of how collaboration can enhance the impact of initiatives. By combining their efforts, these organizations have created an internship program that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of learning. Scholars are now exposed to diverse work environments, allowing them to learn and grow in unique ways.

The Haiti Projects Experience

Haiti Projects, a renowned organization working towards women's empowerment and sustainable community development in Haiti, has been a critical partner in this internship program. Scholars have the incredible opportunity to work closely with Haiti Projects' dedicated team, contributing to projects that positively impact local communities. From participating in workshops on sustainable practices to engaging in hands-on community initiatives, PKF scholars are gaining practical skills and making a difference in the lives of those they serve.

Local Organizations Making a Difference

In addition to their involvement with Haiti Projects, PKF scholars have the privilege of engaging with two influential local organizations – Greening Haiti Fund and ADF Haiti Association pour le Développement de Fond-des-Blancs. These organizations are pivotal in promoting environmental sustainability and community development in the Fond-des-Blancs region. By participating in their initiatives, scholars are exposed to the inner workings of these organizations and gain insights into the challenges and triumphs of grassroots efforts.

A Holistic Learning Experience

The 2023 PKF Summer Internship Program is not just about skill-building; it's a holistic learning experience that encompasses personal growth, cultural immersion, and fostering a sense of social responsibility. Scholars are learning about different work cultures and organizational structures and developing a deeper understanding of the importance of community engagement and social impact.

Future Leaders in the Making

As the internship program progresses, it becomes evident that these PKF scholars are not just interns but future leaders. The exposure and experiences gained through this collaborative initiative shape them into well-rounded individuals equipped to tackle real-world challenges with creativity and resilience. Whether it's crafting sustainable solutions, fostering community relationships, or promoting women's empowerment, these scholars are becoming catalysts for positive change.


The 2023 Patrick's Kids Foundation Summer Internship Program, in collaboration with Haiti Projects and local Fond-des-Blancs organizations, is a remarkable learning, growth, and collaboration journey. As PKF scholars dive deep into their internship experiences, they are gaining insights that will undoubtedly shape their future endeavors. This initiative showcases the power of partnerships and highlights the immense potential within young minds dedicated to making a difference. Stay tuned as we continue to follow their journey and celebrate the impact they are sure to create. Haiti needs more initiatives like these, where young minds come together to learn, collaborate, and lead the way toward positive change.


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