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Improving Computer Literacy in Rural Haiti to Bridge the Digital Divide

Franchipagne, one of the many underprivileged rural communities in the Fond-des-Blancs area, encounters multiple deficiencies in its delivery of quality education to its youth. Heading the long list of obstacles is the limited access to electricity, followed by inferior instruction and the finite availability of computers. Fortunately, the Patrick's Kids Foundation (PKF) continues to work diligently to make significant strides in addressing these challenges. As a nonprofit organization, PKF is dedicated to empowering young adults in Haiti by providing educational enrichment and fostering computer literacy.

In today's interconnected world, computer literacy is an essential skill much needed to meet with success in all aspects of life. While urban areas generally enjoy better access to technological resources, Haiti's rural regions require much help bridging the digital divide. Nevertheless, empowering these rural communities with basic computer literacy skills will greatly advance the overall development of Haitian youth.

The rural areas of Haiti often require more infrastructure, especially in access to electricity and internet connectivity, making computer access a formidable hurdle. Furthermore, the cost of a computer and its required accessories is often beyond the means of most families residing in these regions. Consequently, computer literacy remains a privilege rather than a fundamental skill.

PKF is fully committed to effecting change by providing basic computer training to children and young adults in rural Haiti. The demand for this vital training is significant. It establishes a secure foundation as it endeavors to equip Haitian youth for future success. This is precisely why the Patrick's Kids Foundation has partnered with Ecole Assemblee de Dieu in Franchipagne to provide indispensable computer literacy opportunities to local youth in that area. Recognizing the power of technology as an enabler, the Patrick's Kids Foundation strives to prepare students for the ever-changing demands of the 21st-century workplace by imparting modern skills and competencies.


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