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Congratulations to Michel Clemanceau!

Congratulations to Michel Clemanceau! We are so proud of our scholar for ranking in 3rd place on the list of First laureates at the national level.

The Ministry of National Education has posted the list of First laureates at the national level, the laureates for each department, and the performance by schools for the State Examination of the 9th Fundamental Year (A.F.) 2019/2020.

This is an amazing achievement reached by hard work and dedication. We see the effort you are putting in to reach your dreams. PKF will always be here to help support your development and provide you with the best resources to succeed.

Michel is in his ninth fundamental year and he will be pursuing his secondary education at Collège Exode de Fond-Des-Blancs. We are excited to be a part of Michel’s educational journey and plan to continue to assist him and our scholars throughout their growth.

PKF leverages technology and partnerships in the community to help talented children and young adults obtain a quality education to become catalysts of change in the country. PKF believes increasing access to quality education will be that catalytic effect spurring sustainable, inclusive social and economic development in Haiti. To learn more about our impact, please visit our website here.

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