Patrick Kids Foundation (“PKF”) was founded in memoriam of Patrick Jacques (Pat). Pat lived a life that was anchored in empowering family members, friends and acquaintances to achieve their full potential. He focused his energy helping others climb the socioeconomic ladder by helping people obtain employment, get the best education possible, and connect with the drivers of economic and social empowerment.

We recognize that one's ability to walk the walk of dedication and genuine liveliness can be clouded by poverty and the many trials of life. Until others with Pat’s generosity come along to help move those clouds, our future generation cannot reach their full potential. It is in this spirit that Patrick's Kids Foundation was founded. We provide a bridge through education for kids and young adults to achieve their goals and aspirations. We partner with students and their parents to provide the resources and support necessary for our scholars to reach their full potential and become change agents in their community.


Education is an important catalyst to promote positive social and economic change in developing countries and serves as a dynamic tool to empower communities to shape their future.


We believe building solid partnerships with: our scholars and their parents; educational leaders in the community; and key stakeholders is quintessential in our endeavor to help improve the educational landscape in Haiti. As such, our team members have met with the teachers and principals of our scholars; had in depth discussions with education professionals in Haiti; and visited our scholars in their classrooms and in their homes, to better ascertain the educational needs of our scholars and to determine the most effective manner in which PKF can help young children and adults in Haiti reach their full potential.


According to a recent USAID report, the average Haitian age 25 years or older has less than 5 years of a formal education. Moreover, “early grade reading assessment revealed that roughly 75 percent of children at the end of first grade and nearly half of students finishing second grade could not read a single word. Further, only 61 percent of the adult population is literate.” These alarming statistics are amplified in the rural areas of the country. We believe that the low education base of the Haitian population is at the epicenter of the economic and social malaise that the country has experienced since it emerged on the international stage as the only nation established as a result of a slave revolt.


PKF leverages technology and partnerships in the community to help talented children and young adults obtain a quality education and become catalysts of change in the country. We believe that improving the quality of education, and increasing access to education in Haiti can have a catalytic effect, and help spur sustainable and inclusive social and economic development in Haiti. Please join us in our endeavor to help shape Haiti’s future, one child at a time.


Together we can and we will!

We help educate and holistically develop our scholars to create Haiti's leaders of tomorrow

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Education is the key to eliminating gender inequality, to reducing poverty, to creating a sustainable planet, to preventing needless deaths and illness, and to fostering peace”. 

~Nelson Mandela~

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Patrick's Kids Foundation is a registered 501 (c)(3) corporation